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Monday May 25th 2015

Beautiful Baby Bagel

The  2015 Beautiful Baby Bagel Contest is Tuesday, July 14 and Wednesday, July 15 at the Cross County Mall at 6pm. Sign in (for those pre registered) will begin at 5:15pm

  • Bagel Baby 2011

    2011 Contestants

    The contest is for the first 101 kids to pre-register.

  • Registration information will be announced soon.
    • First come, first registered.
    • Registration will happen at center court. (The mall doors open at 6am.)
  • You must have a copy of your child’s (children) birth certificate with you at sign ups.
    • You don’t need to bring your kids, just the birth certificate(s), or the paper from the hospital.
    • You can send someone to sign up your kids as long as they have a copy of the birth certificate and note from the parent or guardian you.
      • We will NOT keep the birth certificate – we just need to verify birth date and child’s name.
  • The contest is open to boys and girls who are newborn to 4 years old living in the 92.1 the Axe, 101.3 WMCI and 104.3 the Party listening area.  Your child’s birthday must be on or before June 20, 2014 to be eligible.  If your child turns 5 on or before July 16, 2014 he/she is not eligible.
  • There are 4 age groups. Each group has 2 categories (boys and girls)
    • Kids will be put into the appropriate age group based on how old they will be on Wednesday, July 15, 2015.
  • There are two winners from each age group, one boy and one girl.  Winners receive a gift pack and the opportunity to ride in the Bagelfest Parade.
  • This year’s Bagelfest theme is: Celebrate Good Times, C’Mon!
    • If you want you may incorporate the theme or bagels/bagelfest into your child’s dress.

Questions can be directed to:

209 Lake Land Blvd
Mattoon, IL 61938

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